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Mission / Vision


By helping SMEz and venture business improve business
performance and reinforce competitiveness and plan and
execute policies to foster regional strategic industries.


Nation’s best
regional business promotion agency

Basic direction

재정안정화 기업지원 가능 내실화 고객중심의 업무진행

Five Major strategic goals

  • 01 Secure necessanty funds to promote industries and establish a network between industry,academia, research centers
  • 02 Provide customized support to help SMEz improve business performance and reinforce competitiveness
  • 03 Save costs and diversify profit-making business to maximize financial efficiency
  • 04 Establish strategic performance review system
  • 05 Establish a customer satisfaction service system

Economic field

Bucheon city’s long-term development plan

  • 01Advance cluster-focused industrial structure
  • 02 Enhance global competitiveness of five major specialized industries
  • 03 Promote innovative SMEs
  • 04 Increase efficiency of logistics and distribution